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Employer Vaccine Tracking Mandate – It’s Official (WSJ)

Effective January 4, 2022 employers with 100 or more employees will be required to “self-report” the vaccination status for their employees. Employees that are not vaccinated will need to show negative Covid-19 test results on a weekly basis. Unvaccinated employees will also be required to wear masks in the workplace. Under the new policy, employers are neither required to provide or pay for tests unless mandated under a collective bargaining agreement.

Non-adherence to the policy could cost scofflaws $13,653 per violation. The penalty is calculated on a per type of violation basis, not on a per employee basis. For example, not providing paid leave is a single violation. Not having a vaccination program is another example. Regardless, a business operating on a 5% profit margin needs to generate $250,000 in revenue simply to pay for a OSHA penalty! The good news is employees who work from home or work outside are exempt from the requirement.

Employers will be required for each vaccinated employee to show proof. Acceptable forms of proof include: a vaccination card from a provider or pharmacy; a copy of the CDC Covid-19 vaccination card; medical records; immunization records; or official documentation that contains the date and type of vaccination.

The OSHA rules also require the employer provide the employee with time off to get the vaccination. The employer must also provide sick time to recover from side effects.

If you’re looking for an easy, secure, and affordable tracking solution please visit or call (877) VAX-1USA. Thank you and stay safe!

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