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Vaccine Proof Review - Where's the Beef!

Indoor Activity establishments in New York including hotels and conference venues now require vaccine proof. In fact, today, I attended an in-person conference at the Marriott in Times Square (wow, just like old times!). Signs were everywhere “Guests Must Be Vaccinated.” When I got off the elevator I was greeted by the “vaccine enforcer” (proof reviewer) who asked to see my proof. She was a “nice little old lady.”

In anticipation of the request I had my vaccine card saved to my favorites and had my driver’s license handy. She kindly requested to see my vaccine card and I flashed it to her on my phone. Without even looking at it she then asked to see my driver’s license. Without looking at my driver’s license she gladly admitted me to the conference. I kid you not. I immediately had a flashback to the Wendy’s commercial starring Clara Peller and laughed as I heard her screaming “where’s the beef?” There was no beef in that proof review process, right?

So, the good news is I’m fully vaccinated and no guest, attendee, or employee was at direct risk because of me. The other news is wow, what a process! In this case, the process was flawed and if this was an employer, the employer could be penalized because of the broken process.

We perceive this negligent act as a “never event.” The big questions for your company is “how diligent is the proof review process?” Is it 100%? 95% 75? I it’s not 100% or if you suspect quality is suspect, kindly send us an email to or call (877) VAX-1USA. Thank you and stay safe.

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