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Vaccine Tracking - Proof Review Process Risks

Indoor Activity establishments in NYC including restaurants, food courts, bars, etc. now require vaccine proof. In fact, over the weekend I went to my local food court to grab lunch. Signs were everywhere “Dine in Customers MUST be Vaccinated.” Within 2 minutes of sitting down, the “vaccine enforcer” (proof reviewer) approached my table and asked to see my proof.

For some reason, my app wouldn’t open, and I told the proof reviewer it would take a minute to launch my app, etc. He said not to worry about it and walked away. I kid you not. So, the good news is I’m fully vaccinated and no patron or food court employee was at direct risk because of me. The other news is wow, what a process! I believe the adage is fitting here “security is only as strong as the weakest link.” In this case, the weakest link was the proof reviewer’s inability to comply with his employer’s requirement. We won’t even discuss the penalty or public health risk aspect of this infraction.

We perceive this negligent act as a “never event.” The big questions for your company is “how diligent is the proof review process? ”Is it 100%? 95% 75? If it’s not 100% or if you think quality is suspect, please send an email to or call (877) VAX-1USA.Thank you and stay safe.

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